Platinum Care Plans

Dunelm Veterinary Group Platinum Care Plans Because Prevention is Better Than A Cure

At Dunelm, we believe the best way to maintain a happy healthy pet is to prevent them getting injured or poorly in the first place. That's why we have developed our Platinum Care Plan.

The Platinum Care Plan includes regularly scheduled visits to the practice so that we have the opportunity to administer any necessary vaccinations and dispense accurate and effective worming and flea treatments. In addition, we'll perform an overall clinical examination, allowing us to carefully monitor the general health of your pet and detect any potential problems. Prevention IS better than a cure, after all.

  • The Platinum Care Plan helps to spread the cost of routine treatments into easy to manage monthly payments.
  • Platinum Care Plan members qualify for additional discounts on other items available from our Durham practice.
  • Should a pet need an expensive operation or treatment costing over £400 (GBP), Platinum Care Plan members can spread the cost of these payments over a number of months. (conditions apply).

Platinum Care Plan Prices

Small Dog
£8.22 per month
(under 10 kg)
Medium Dog
£8.64 per month
(10-20 kg)
Large Dog
£9.49 per month
(21-40 kg)
XL Dog
£9.83 per month
(41-50 kg)
Super XL Dog
£10.48 per month
(51-60 kg)
Giant Dog
£12.33 per month
(61-75 kg)
XL Giant Dog
£13.54 per month
(75-100 kg)
£10.14 per month
1 rate for all domestic cats
£6.27 per month
1 rate for all rabbits

Why Choose Platinum Care for Your Pet?

  • Annual booster vaccinations
  • Full health checks quarterly
  • Year-round flea treatments
  • Year-round worming treatments
  • Discounts on selected services & products
  • Optional accidental injury cover
  • Extended payment scheme


All this AND you can spread the cost with Direct Debit.


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Cat with kittens - Multiple Pet Discount on Platinum Care Plans

Stacking Discounts For Multiple Pets

Platinum Care Shield - Pet Care Plan from Dunelm Veterinary Group, Durham.

For every additional pet you add to the Platinum Care Plan, you'll receive a discount of £1.00 per month.