Terms & Conditions

Dunelm Veterinary Group Terms & Conditions.

Our Terms & Conditions below state the specifics of what you can expect from Dunelm Veterinary Group as our client, and what we, as your Veterinary Services Provider, expect from you. Should you have any questions or do not understand any aspect of these terms & conditions, please simply ask a member of our staff for clarification. By agreeing to use Dunelm Veterinary Group you agree to our terms & conditions as set out below.


We strongly recommend that owners insure their pets against unexpected illness or injury and 3rd party liability. Pet insurance can be invaluable when it comes to being able to pay your fees, especially when a large bill unexpectedly comes up due to an accident or injury. Please ask our staff for advice on pet insurance.


Payable fees are calculated from the time spent on an individual case, medications, consumables & equipment, external fees (labs, for example) involved etc. VAT is incurred on all services and products at the current rate of 20%.


You can expect us to provide you with an estimate of the anticipated fees prior to undertaking investigations and treatment of your pet. An estimate is not to be taken as a promise of what your fees will be, regardless of the veterinary work undertaken. An estimate is simply a current best calculation based on the reasonable assumption that the veterinary work undertaken will proceed as expected. It is quite possible that an estimated fee does not end up being representative of your payable fee; such is the nature of dealing with medical and surgical conditions.


All fees due are expected to be settled in full before departure from the practice following consultation, surgery, collection of medicine/food products etc.

We accept the following payment methods;

  • Cash
  • Cheque (supported by and up to the limit of your bank Card)
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card


If you are unable to pay the fees in full, please discuss the matter as soon as possible with the Vet involved in your pet's case. It may be possible to arrange an agreed payment programme, wherein you can pay your fees in easy to manage instalments.


This section is under construction. Please ask a member of staff for clarification.


At Dunelm Veterinary Group, we pride ourselves on the quality of care we dispense, our dedication to and love of our work, and the standard of service you receive as our clients. If you feel that any part of your experience with us has fallen short of those high standards, we want to know about it so that we can take steps to improve. Please direct all complaints to Mr J C Creaner, in writing, at the following address: Complaints, Dunelm Veterinary Group, 106 Gilesgate, Durham. DH1 1JA


Case records are the property of Dunelm Veterinary Group and will be retained by us. Upon request, copies will be forwarded to another veterinary practice in the interests of continuity of care. Investigative procedures may involve external service providers, such as X-Rayography and Tissue Analysis Laboratories. When this happens we are charged by the external service provider and this charge is passed on to the client as part of the client's fee. Ownership of the records and results from external services remain the property of Dunelm Veterinary Group.