Vet Services


Male & Female
Neutering Service

Neutering is the surgical process of removing an animal's reproductive organs, a procedure that can have many behavioral and health benefits.

Animal Dentistry

Teeth & Gums
Animal Dentistry

Our in-house dentistry facilities allow a range of diagnostic, preventative and corrective procedures to be carried out, keeping smiles beautiful & healthy.


On Site X-Ray
Animal X-Ray

Using our in-house X-Ray machine we can diagnose a range of health problems from broken bones to tumors to blockages & foreign objects in the digestive system.

Platinum Care Plans

Health Care Plans for your Pets
Platinum Care Shield - Pet Care Plan from Dunelm Veterinary Group, Durham.

Starting from just £6.27 per month, our Platinum Care Plans provide a program of year to year healthcare with discounts on medications and nutrition products, along with multi-pet discounts.

Flexible Open Times

Pre-Bookable & Drop In Clinics
Dunelm Emergency Vets Call Out Telephone Number - Opening Times

We operate a flexible opening hours surgery so that you can pre-book an appointment, or come along for a Drop-In Clinic session. Late Surgery available till 6:30pm.

Emergency Vet

24 Hour Call Out Service

Do you need an Emergency Vet in Durham, UK? Whatever the emergency, Dunelm Vetinarary Group offers an out of hours, 24 Hour call out Emergency Vet service.

General Practice

Veterinary Services
Veterinary Surgery
Veterinary Surgery
Kennels & Cattery
Consultation Rooms
Consultation Rooms

Dunelm Veterinary Group's Practice in Durham has all the facilities you would expect of a modern vet, including a surgery room, consultation rooms, kennels and cattery, X-Ray & dentistry. We also partner with laboratories to bring services such as tissue analysis and blood tests to aid with fast and accurate diagnosis.