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Changes to Adoption Corner

Adoption Corner is the part of Dunelm Veterinary Group where we try our best to help pets find new families and homes.

Cute Puppy with Puppy Eyes

With our new (under construction at time of writing) website, we will be looking to use the new Blog to help promote Adoption Corner, giving these animals the best possible chance of being seen and their story’s read. In the past we have relied on social media exclusively to try to achieve this aim, however with the reach and engagement on social media platforms becoming increasingly limited as they push their paid promotions, it makes sense for us to diversify how we run this.

In the future we shall be writing short blog articles, with photos, of our pets available for adoption, and then posting them here on We’ll share these posts to our own social media platforms, but the big adoption success stories will come when these posts get shared beyond our normal reach, to your friends and relatives, and then then their friends and relatives. As vets, we normally try to prevent things going viral, because we are usually dealing with diseases, but for Adoption Corner, we absolutely want these posts going viral! So please stay tuned and look out for Adoption Corner posts coming soon!

We would love to feature some of our past adoption success stories too, so if you have adopted a pet for us and have a story to tell, please do get in touch and tell us all about it.



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  1. Growing up with pets is a great learning curve. Today we are not only dog, or cat lovers anymore. We have become spider lovers, frog, or ferret lovers.

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